[taaraaŋ aksɑɑ  khmae]   Cambodian alphabet
              Consonants                                                    Consonants and                                                                                      sub-consonants
There  are  33  consonants  in  modern  Cambodian  alphabet  and  32  sub-consonants. The name of consonant is [aksɑɑ] or [pyʊəɲceanea]​. There is no conjunct consonant for        .The name of sub-consonant is [cəəŋ aksɑɑ] or [cəəŋ pyʊəɲceanea]​.Most  of  sub-consonants  are  easily  recognized  as  modifications  of  their independent counterparts. There are used in combination with the dependent symbols to represent consonant clusters.
There are two classes of consonants /ɑɑ​/ consonants and /ɔɔ/. There are fifteen /ɔɔ/ consonants (low Register) and eighteen /ɑɑ​/ consonants (high Register).
1 class2 class
When combined with vowel, the class of the consonant affects what vowel sound is rendered.
The pronunciation of vowel symbol is determined by the series to which the initial consonant symbol belongs.
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